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Get your digital services as and when you need them. We will always go the extra mile and believe in a "win win" policy of doing business. So only honest rates for work done. But if you ever truly feel you've not got what you have paid for, then we'll give you your money back.


Digital Handyman Services

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Most businesses don't maintain their virtual assets, but these depreciate and become old just as quickly as physical assets. Maintaining as you go will not only save you time & money in long run, but will help keep sales & enquires rolling in. Remember your competitors are always trying to gain ground, so it's important you don't loose yours.


 Digital Handyman ServicesRealising that maintaining an efficient online presence takes work from both the customer and the digital handyman, we decided to charge on a cost effective hourly basis so you can get as much or as little help as you need. Some clients just need a couple of quick tweaks and others need a brand new website, but no matter the size, your order is equally important to us. 

Are you guilty of not seeing your online business as important as the rest?

Simply having a website these days isn't enough, even if your business is currently booming without an online presence. The way people do business and interact with them is changing and at such a rate that you may not be future proof. Customers look at your entire online presence taking into account personal recommendations, strangers comments and whether you show expertise by showing your knowledge and trust worthiness through a variety of platforms. We live in a time where it's easier than ever to reach customers and start a business, however, this often comes with the time consuming task of maintaining two shop fronts, the real one and the virtual one.

So how does it work?


Digital Handyman ServicesYou get in contact by email, contact form or good old fashioned phone. We then suggest an estimated number of hours required for the job, which you then buy through this site. Then the Digital handyman team will work closely with you to achieve your goals.

Remember you will only ever be charged for the time needed to complete your task, with any left over time being available for later use. 


Should you be truly unhappy with any work done then we will give you your money back. It has to be a "win win" relationship so we want you to be happy, that way you'll use us again and again.

Get an idea of just some of the services a Digital Handyman can do for you.

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